About Pup's Books

Pup’s Books is a Manhattan-based publishing collective, founded to 

promote the writing projects of life-partners Mr. Jan Ewing, aka Boss, and 

Mr. William J. Cataldi, aka pup.

Boss began writing theater reviews of off- and off-off-Broadway for Hi! Drama in April 2018. 

Bill followed suit in February 2019. They have amassed quite a collection of reviews, 

which can be accessed here at Ewing Reviewing.

Mr. Jan Ewing, aka Boss


Mr. Ewing, a classically trained musician, has directed theater across the country, and has written dozens of books. His pornography, written under the pseudonym Jack Evans, is in the collection of Cornell University. He is presently working as a New York theater critic for Hi! Drama, and recently produced his comedy Nursery Rhymes, at NYWinterFest 2019. He is working on the balance of The Red Headed Kid, an autobiographical novel, Parts 1 & 2 of which are now available on Amazon. Part 3 is in the works.

Email: janewing@pupsbooks.com.

Mr. William J. Cataldi, aka pup


Mr. Cataldi attended Wesleyan University, SUNYAB, and CCNY, but never completed his degree. He studied Humanities and Math. He avidly practices his Christian Taoist faith. Due to Mr. Ewing's influence, he now also writes theater reviews for Hi! Drama. His first book, Sex and God and Other Essays, explores the base aspects of human existence, sexuality, and an assortment of philosophical topics. He is presently working on Opting Out, a fictionalized autobiography.  He finds comfort in his blue-collar existence. 

Email: william@pupsbooks.com 

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