William Cataldi aka pup

About pup

Pup works as a letter carrier and manages the household money. He serves as conversation partner to stimulate and hone Jan's work as critic and writer. And he watches over his home.

William J. Cataldi grew up in Buffalo, NY where he attended Calasanctius School. He studied intensively, especially under the personal tutelage of Mr. Wayne Chambless. He graduated in 1984 magna cum laude at fifteen and went on to spend a year in Osnabrück, West Germany, before studying Humanities at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. A friend introduced him to Eastern religion. It was then that he became a life-long Christian Taoist.

Finally free of the intensity of Calasanctius and free to explore his libido, Bill developed bad habits which hobbled his studies. He spent two years in Karlsruhe, West Germany, where he was introduced to the mind-blowing implications of mathematical logic and university-level Math. He became fluent in German, but then returned to Wesleyan only to crash and burn.

He developed mental illness issues in the nineties, which plagued him for that decade until he could be stabilized. However, these issues led to some of the most intriguing and profound insights of his intellectual life, which are detailed in Sex and God and Other Essays, as well as in an upcoming autobiographical novel entitled Opting Out.

In the years leading up to his move to New York, Bill gradually approached Leatherculture. He finally studied Leather and SM with a brilliant Master in Buffalo. It was here that he acquired the name “pup.” He maintains a keen interest and love for Leather, but no longer lives the scene hardcore.

In 1994, pup met Mr. Ewing, Boss, during the most intense play weekend of their lives. pup moved in shortly thereafter. Boss and pup have been contented, fulfilled partners for twenty-four years.

During those years, Bill worked at various blue-collar jobs, and studied book composition with Jan. He went on to a twelve-year career in financial document composition. Leaving that in frustration, he attended CCNY in Upper Manhattan, and once again left when he discovered he wasn’t truly interested in formal education.

Under Boss’ influence, pup wrote Sex and God and Other Essays from October 2014 to August 2015. He also wrote a quarter of his novel, Opting Out, due out Winter 2018. He had found his calling.