Jan Ewing aka Boss


About Boss

Boss presently wears three hats: Author of novels, a play, and compilations of theater reviews; New York theater critic with Hi! Drama; and life-partner to pup. He's a busy man. Boss and pup began writing critical reviews of Off- and Off-Off-Broadway theater in April 2018 and February 2019 respectively. They have amassed quite a repertoire, which can be accessed at Ewing Reviewing.

Jan has just published Pup's Books' Ewing Reviewing 2018 and Ewing Reviewing 2019. These are complete listings of well over 150 reviews and detailed information about all of the productions he saw in those years. You can access sample PDFs of the books here. And you can purchase the books here.

Jan Ewing grew up in Southern California. In his seventeenth year, he moved to Ohio to attend Oberlin College, where he studied music, with a major in voice and a minor in piano. With his BA in tow, he went on to study Musicology and Voice at The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, where he received the last full fellowship personally awarded by the well known composer Howard Hansen. Without completing his master's degree, he joined the Navy and shipped off to basic training the same week JFK was assassinated.

Concurrently coming out to himself and graduating from the Navy in 1967 (the year William Cataldi was born), Jan explored his sexuality and pursued a career in the theater, directing both musicals and straight plays in Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York.

In 1974, Jan moved permanently to New York City, settling in Chelsea. He made a trickle of cash writing pornography, and other non-sexual contract books. Frustrated by the vicious and unrewarding nature of the New York theater scene, he bought a computer and took up word processing. At the time, it paid $32 per hour.

Around this time, he wrote a hilarious screenplay with friend, Gene Breaznell: The Star Spangled Tennis Tour. It chronicles the antics of everyone involved with a major corporation, Consortium Conglomerates, sponsoring a tennis tour. It has recently been updated for a contemporary audience.

Amongst the contract books Jan wrote in the late seventies/early eighties were mystery trade paperbacks. He became involved with the Murder Mystery Writers of America, a professional guild, and steadily honed his skills. In 2015, Jan wrote Whither, Willie Wicked?, an adventure/mystery with all of the exciting elements expected in his age—sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.

He taught himself computer programming in the eighties, and founded Ewing Systems, a successful desktop publishing venture, in 1984. In that same year, his future partner, pup, then aged fifteen, stayed a block away from him on a visit to the City. The pair have often wondered what might have happened— if? Boss and pup finally met up in 1994, and pup moved in shortly thereafter.

Jan finds himself toiling to finish The Red Headed Kid. Part 1 was published in 2014. Part 2 was published in 2019.  Part 3 is coming soon.